32: Pushing past roadblocks to create a thriving health coaching business with thousands of clients with Michelle Blum

January 04, 2017

At the age of 23, Michelle Blum started Nutrish Mish- a company designed as a dieting alternative that provides one-on-one counseling to make positive, permanent changes to people’s eating habits. Fast forward just five years and Michelle has grown Nutrish Mish to 5 locations in the New York area with thousands of clients.

“If you believe in your product and you believe in yourself, you’ll get where you’re trying to go”

Show notes

  • 3:42

    Got first taste of entrepreneurship at 22 as a nutritionist at a fitness facility

  • 9:10

    Biggest challenge in entrepreneurial journey- Blowing up overnight and not having an office

  • 11:11

    Biggest “AHA” moment- Teaming up with a business partner and reaching our financial goals

Success Round- 18:17

  • What is one thing you do everyday that you feel contributes to your overall success? – Take time to eat right and take care of yourself
  • What is one tool you can give our listeners on how to balance your personal and business life? – Blend the personal and the business together
  • What is one concept you wish you would’ve known at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? – The ebb and flow of entrepreneurship
  • What is the big “why” behind what you do? – “I love helping people”

Finale question- 24:40

  • Look 30 years into the future, now what areas would your older self wish you would’ve spend more time focusing on now? – “Having super clear goals and knowing exactly where you want to take your business”

Parting piece of advice- 25:42

  • Don’t ever think that you’re too young or because you’re young, you’re doing it the wrong way

Three major value points

  1. Look at road blocks as a growth opportunity
  2. Take care of yourself in order to take care of your business better
  3. Create extremeley clear goals that push you towards exactly where you want to take your business

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