43: Create your own life on your own terms with Jeremy Ryan Slate

March 22, 2017

Jeremy Ryan Slate is an internet entrepreneur, business coach, author and speaker. He is the founder and host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs to give you the steps and skills that successful entrepreneurs, business people and artists applied to create life on their terms.

“If I’m going to do everything, I’m never going to grow”

Show notes

  • 3:01

    Got first taste of entrepreneurship at 11 as a newspaper boy

  • 9:24

    Biggest challenge in entrepreneurial journey- A conversation I had with my best friend

  • 11:50

    Biggest “AHA” moment- The name of the podcast

Success Round- 18:28

  • What is one thing you do everyday that you feel contributes to your overall success? – “My morning ritual”
  • What is one tool you can give our listeners on how to balance your personal and business life? – “Balance doesn’t exist, success does”
  • What is one concept you wish you would’ve known at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? – “The amount of effort it actually takes to get anything done”
  • What is the big “why” behind what you do? – “Freedom”

Finale question- 23:25

  • Look 30 years into the future, now what areas would your older self wish you would’ve spend more time focusing on now? – Figuring out the steps that are going to get me closer to starting my television show

Parting piece of advice- 24:14

  • “Truly understand the people around you”

Three major value points

  1. If someone has an intention for you to fail, you won’t succeed if they’re in your inner circle.
  2. Don’t forget how precious life is.
  3. Understand who’s around you because you’re going to be the average of that.

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