72: What investors are looking for in startups with Robert Harary

October 11, 2017

Robert Harary began his career at 16 years old as Director of Social Media Marketing for Research Frontiers. At 17 he was promoted by the Board of Directors to serve as Director of Market Development – the youngest person in the company’s history to hold such position. Here, he was directly responsible for developing two advertisements featured in Times Square and played an integral role in bringing the company’s technology out to the USA Pavilion at the Milan World’s Fair. At 18, Robert left Research Frontiers to become one of the youngest angel group managers in the country through his angel group, GlassHorse Ventures. Robert sits on the advisory board for Silicon Valley companies alongside Guy Kawasaki and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Today, Robert is building OneH – OneH connects startups with investors from around the world based on what they have in common. They’ve built out a collection of different matching and machine learning algorithms that learn investor interest, analyze deals and share them with relevant investors.


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Learn more about OneH! If you’re looking for investor backing… This is a GREAT resource for you!


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