78: Two unexpected things you’re doing that are sabotaging your peak performance- Part 2 with Jarrod Warren

November 22, 2017
A few weeks ago, I had Jarrod Warren on the show and we talked about WHY the hustle mentality is driving millennial entrepreneurs to an early grave.  After ending that interview we realized we weren’t nearly done talking about this topic. So, I invited Jarrod on for a part 2! We talked about the WHY in episode 75 and in this episode we talk about the HOW. Namely- How to create SUSTAINABLE peak performance for our lives. Hustling isn’t bad, it’s just the way we hustle that can be bad and have extreme and not so great results in the near future. We really dig into two main points in this episode. Two super unexpected things that you’re doing or partaking of that are sabotaging your peak performance. I was super surprised by these two points. Jarrod even gets a little scientific which was fun too to have on the show.
For those of you who didn’t listen to my first episode with Jarrod, I highly recommend listening to his first episode. But just to give you a quick summary of who Jarrod is in case you don’t want to do that: He’s the founder and host of the Success 101 podcast where his goal is to help others find a way to live more optimal through new concepts and ideas, that can be accomplished without experiencing burnout, fatigue, and an unproductive mindset. Super successful and amazing businessman.
He speaks about this stuff because he was there. He had hit rock bottom because he worked too hard without balance. I love learning from people who are living passionately from their experiences.
Anyways, sit back, relax and enjoy this show where we really dig deep into HOW we can maximize our peak performance and work SMARTER not harder.


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