84: What dying for 90 minutes will teach you about living with Cherie Aimée

January 03, 2018
This title is not click bate. Cherie Aimée actually died for 90 minutes and lived to tell the story.
Cherie’s story is one that will rock your world if you let it. Not only did her entire life change after facing adversities such as cancer, end-stage heart failure, and receiving the gift of life through a heart transplant, but her worldview did as well.
Cherie is on a mission to inspire 1 billion lives around the world—through her various initiatives and message of resilience and empowerment.
I was so captivated by her story and what she learned through her 90 minutes of being dead that I almost forgot we were in an interview!

More about Cherie:

Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, International Speaker, Forbes Featured Brand Influencer, and Social Media Consultant for top-level innovative business leaders in medicine and technology.

Cherie has 17 years experience in corporate, tech startups, non-profit, and digital advertising and marketing. She was CEO of a technology firm before her near-death tragedy in 2010.


Connect with Cherie further: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn

Learn more about Cherie at www.cherieaimee.com


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