88: Breaking down financial barriers and wandering wealthy with Tess Wicks

January 31, 2018
Today’s interview is with financial coach and content creator, Tess Wicks. We talk taxes, anti-budgeting, credit card hacks and break down some of the financial barriers and logistics that can sometimes seem extremely daunting.
Tess’s YouTube channel, Wander Wealthy, empowers women in their 20s and 30s to get educated and build confidence around their finances, travel desires, and personal development journey. From one-on-one coaching to her online money program, Tess has helped high-performance female business owners get a grip on their personal and business money management. Tess doesn’t teach how to coupon or cut back on expenses, but how to strategize and optimize your financial life, build a budget that actually works (even if you suck at budgeting), and afford the things you want in life, because you can have anything, just not everything.
Feel like you’re in a financial rut? Spend an hour with us at today’s interview and see the light!


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