Top Resources for Successful Young Entrepreneurs

*This list will never be complete… Because I’m always adding to it!

Audio Books:

Audible– As you know, entrepreneurs are busy people. A lot of us don’t have time to sit down and read a book during the day. That’s why Audible is the perfect solution! Listen to books all day everyday while you’re “lifing.” You know what I especially love to use Audible for? Those hard-to-read technical books where it takes DAYS to finish one page. And what’s the best part?! You can download your first book for  FREE! But… only listen to books through Audible after you’ve listened to my podcast 😉


WordPress– The site you’re on right now- Ya, the Entrepreneur Before 25 site… That was created through WordPress. Enough said.


Acuity Scheduling– Acuity Scheduling is one of the best scheduling sites out there! People can see your real-time calendar availability, self-select the time that works best for them, and easily book (and pay for!) their own appointments in advance. I use Acuity for every scheduling need at Entrepreneur Before 25. It works like a charm!

Intro Music:

Salient Audio – Having “on-point” intro music that represents EB25’s vibe and personality is incredibly important to me. Salient Audio was able to take my explanation of the feel I wanted and turn it into the personalized intro music I have now. They’re very easy to work with and extremely diverse in the styles they are able to create. I highly recommend Salient if you’re looking for some personalized and unique intro music that paints the picture of your brand’s personality. You won’t be disappointed.

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